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Weekend Cardio/Quad Burner

If you workout on the weekend, give this a try, or save it for this week! From personal experience and feedback from others, this one is an absolute burner so be ready for an all cardio, quad burner.

Set your interval timer for 40-20 or 30-30 seconds. Then do 2-4 rounds depending on your fitness level.

  1. Touchdown Squat Jump (Quick!)

  2. Jump Lunges

  3. Quick Shuffle

  4. Sprint in Place

If it is needed, pause your timer for more rest so that you go hard on each exercise. Workout done by @hiitburn.

Are you traveling this weekend and not sure how to do your usual routine in the modified gym setting? Try this hotel workout below:

  • Goblet Squats x15

    • Superset with Lunges x10 each Side

  • Walking Lunges x20

    • Superset with Hip Thrust Pulses x15

  • End with Jumping Lunges x25

Complete 3 rounds of each superset/exercise. To challenge yourself more, add banded resistance to your workout!

Workout done by @marillewellyn.

Give these a try and share with a friend!


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