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Print Ads

Rates are determined by the height and width of the ad. That number is then multiplied by the campus or local rate.

    1 column = 2.5 inches

    2 columns = 5 inches                   Campus Rate.....$5.00 per inch

    3 columns = 7.5 inches                     Local Rate......$6.00 per inch

    4 columns = 10.25 inches

Advertisers can also purchase ads in set rates of:

                                          full page: $200

                                          half page: $100

                                        quarter page: $50

Half page ads can be vertical (10.5" by 2 columns) or horizontal (5.25" by 4 columns)

Web Ads


Website ads are charged monthly and are subject to review.  

     Rotating Banner Ads appear at the top of each newsreel and are
     fixed at a size of    pi x    pi. Rotating banner ads are $5 per week.

     Static Page Ads are fixed on a page and do not rotate. You may
     request the page on which you would like your static ad to appear,
     and our editors will let you know if your request can be accommodated.
     Static page ads are $10 per week

For all web ads, a link may be embedded for a one-time fee of $10.00.

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