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EST. 1915

The Power to Feel Great

So many people have insecurities surround them. Insecurities about the way we look, how we feel, or the way we act. We tend to start comparing ourselves to other people, when the truth of the matter is that not one person can be the same as another, and those comparisons don’t truly reflect who you are and how your body is. Every individual has a different body type, figure, look, perception, personality, and so much more to make them unique in their own ways, to make them strong individualistically, and to make them powerful where they can lead and utilize their strengths to benefit themselves and others. One day those insecurities will become your greatest strengths. And days in between, you’ll be more grateful for your body and the representation it provides. Never forget your power lies in what makes you different. Go be great today, athletes.

~ Danyele Wilson

Partner HIIT Circuit:

  • Med Ball Toss

  • Half Burpee

  • Quick Switch Drop Lunge

  • High Knee Side Crunch Push-Up

Complete 2-5 rounds based on your fitness level and desired workout time.

Stages of Interval Timers, Beginners to Advanced (work-to-rest):

Stage1: 1-to-3 ratio (15 seconds work, 45 seconds rest)

Stage 2: 1-to-2 ratio (15 seconds work, 30 seconds rest)

Stage 3: 1-to-1 ratio (15 seconds work, 15 seconds rest)

Stage 4: 2-to-1 ratio (30 seconds work, 15 seconds rest)

Stage 5: 3-to-1 ratio (45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest)


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