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EST. 1915

Back Day!!!

Who loves to train your back? If you don’t, check out this statistic right here from Snap Fitness USA: “By strengthening your back muscles, you're building up the main support structure for your entire body. A healthy and strong back will stabilize and brace your spine, making attaining those health and fitness goals even easier.” Training your back is a crucial component to your weekly fitness routine. There are a plethora of ways to do this, whether it be at the gym or at home. So, let’s take a look at both.

Back Workout:

  1. Lat Pulldown: 4x12

    1. At home: Grab a long resistance band and hook it around some support at an above angle. Slide a broom or long rod through the center and pull towards your chest, keeping good form.

  2. Single Arm Plate Row: 4x12

    1. At home: Grab a long resistance band and hook it around some support that is level with your waist when sitting down. Complete one arm at a time, pushing your elbows straight back, engaging your core for stability and focusing on contacting those back muscles.

  3. T-bar Row: 4x12

    1. At home: Grab a seat in a chair and hook the same long resistance band around some support where it lines up to your mid chest or underarms. Pull straight back, focusing on guiding with your elbows, pausing at the point of tension, and keeping steady control the whole time.

  4. Smith Machine Bent Over Row: 4x12

    1. At home: Place the long resistance band under your feet, bend over, and row upwards towards your chest.

  5. Straight Arm Pulldown: 4x12

    1. At home: With the resistance band and broom or long rod in the same position as the lat pulldown, you’ll complete straight arm pulls from here. Remember to keep good form every exercise, engage your core for stability, and focus on mind-muscle connection to truly engage those back muscles.

Enjoy this amazing back workout from @lisafiittworkouts and share with a friend!


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