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Renovated Fitness Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Sarah Haug

Nearly a year ago, a groundbreaking ceremony was held to symbolize the beginning of the physical process of renovating and expanding the Missouri S&T Fitness Center. Coming up on May 6, there will be an opportunity to tour the new facility at the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony, which will be held in the recreation gym. In the last year, there have been a multitude of improvements made to the facility and students can look forward to being able to utilize these updates beginning in May.

The project as a whole was created from the significant dedication of time and effort by staff and students alike. In the fall of 2016, students voted to direct a part of their student recreation fee toward funding an updated fitness center. This vote is what made this project unique; it has been advocated and worked for by students since the beginning. Getting the project started was the biggest hurdle of the entire process since an abundant amount of information was needed to prove to the administration the necessity for an expansion. This was accomplished through surveys and other leg work. Since this initial start-up, the project has been mainly smooth sailing, with only minor hiccups.

Overall, the facility will have increased functionality due to a layout that is more conducive to a Fitness Center. Previously, the pre-renovation layout was the remnants of a shooting range that was remodeled to work as a fitness center. Additionally, the square-footage of the space will be more than double what it was before the renovation. Madison Moore, student body President, agreed that “the extra room will be the biggest improvement in my opinion”. The added space will create an environment allowing for more effective workouts since there will be shorter waiting times for machines and weights with the increase in the amount of equipment.

Other improvements to the facility include a unisex bathroom, which will reduce the necessity to cross the rec gym when needing to use the restroom. Additionally, there will be 5 total weight lifting racks. On the upper level of the new space, there will be a new room that can be utilized for classes as well. Previously, it was possible to enter the facility without a valid student ID with the general entrance doors. Now, with the new turnstyles, each individual will need to have their own ID to enter. When Moore was asked about future improvements to the Fitness Center, she responded with hope, “let’s cross our fingers for a 24 hour facility soon”.

If you are interested in experiencing the new facility, attend the ribbon cutting ceremony on May 6 at 4:45 at the recreation gym. Refreshments will be available, and there may be the opportunity to meet the trustees and curators. Even President Choi has been invited. Madison Moore and Mark Mullin will be speaking at the event, reflecting on the efforts that have gone into the facility and the positive impact that it will have on the health and wellness of our community.


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