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Discover Days

Before deciding to attend college, high school students will likely go through all kinds of tours, applications, letters of acceptance to denials, and everything else involved in the process of choosing a college where they will further their education. This process can certainly be a stressful one; many different factors weigh in when a student decides where to spend the next few years after finishing their primary education. Regardless of what someone may choose to do after they finish their primary education, it is a big decision to decide where to go from there.

For those who decide to attend Missouri University of Science and Technology, many will come to visit the university before they come here to start as a freshman or transfer in. One way to get some insight into what S&T is all about is attending a Discover Day. Like an open house, Discover Days consist of prospective students and their families checking in for their visit, scheduled on preset dates, at 8:45 AM and attending a presentation by admissions and financial aid to learn a lot of important information about the school. This is followed by a student panel, where anyone can ask questions about the school from people who are a lot more knowledgeable about what attending S&T is like. For someone who has not attended college, this is one of the best ways to learn about what college life is like and what they think of Missouri S&T. Following this, students will be grouped up and guided on campus tours to get a feel for the campus. Having been to an open house when I was a senior in high school, I can say that it makes all the difference to be able to see students walking to their classes, sitting outside talking to their friends and classmates, or even just studying for their next big exam.

Once the guided tour wraps up, students will be allowed to attend an hour-long presentation by an academic department which they can choose when they register online. This allows prospective students to see what they should expect from a department. Personally, the visit to an academic department was the most important part of why I decided to come to school at S&T. The nuclear engineering department’s presentation of their program here at S&T and the field as a whole sold me on the idea of coming to S&T. People working on their degree at S&T have a lot of work ahead of them and being able to see how a department they might be studying in works early on can have a big effect on how they see the school.

While attending a Discover Day, students can attend lunch on their own after their academic department visit at any of the local restaurants around Rolla. After this, they have two hours where they can choose to attend walk-in tours at the Student Design Center, Student Fitness Center, or with Residential Life. These tours allow people to have a look at other parts of S&T which might pique their interests. It is important for those touring to be able to see where they will be able to go to work on various projects, work out and participate in sports, or live as they start their time at S&T. While not required for students who are considering coming to Missouri S&T, Discover Days are a very important way for students trying to decide what they want to do with their lives after high school. They do a great job of introducing new people to S&T, and showing them what to expect when they move to Rolla to attend S&T.

Photo Caption: Havener Center at Missouri S&T.


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