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Organizations Making an Impact: Love Your Melon

One important aspect of Missouri S&T is the numerous student organizations available for students looking to get involved. However, what is more impressive is the impact these organizations are able to make on campus and beyond. A special example of this is Love Your Melon’s Missouri University of Science and Technology Campus Crew. Love Your Melon is a nationwide organization that sells apparel and donates fifty percent of its net profit on all products to support nonprofit organizations that help battle pediatric cancer. The most mentionable nonprofits they support create therapeutic experiences for patients and battle pediatric cancer through research. The company’s original goal was to help improve the lives of pediatric cancer patients, and it is still around today; for each hat they sell, another hat is given to a child battling cancer. Anyone looking to support the cause can buy two hats for the price of one, and one of the hats goes to supporting an amazing cause.

How does Love Your Melon affect Missouri S&T? LYM works with college campuses across the United States to establish campus crews; these crews help spread awareness of the organization’s cause, and there is a crew right here at Missouri S&T. The local crew spreads awareness and makes an impact in the fight against pediatric cancer by educating people on campus and supporting patients.

What is truly special is the testaments from crew members themselves that show what this organization means to them. When member Maddy Saake was asked why she joined the LYM crew, she responded that “I joined Love Your Melon because my cousin had upwards of three different types of cancer, and LYM was one of the organizations that helped him through it. I thought joining would be a great way to give back to the organization that helped my cousin.” Crew Captain Aubrey Sowers explained the impact the organization has on and off campus. She explained, “a special way that LYM has made an impact on campus is helping host DKMS/Be the Match Drives. We have had multiple students here on campus that have been that one special match for somebody, and it’s nice to know that we were a part of that. Beyond campus, we’ve gotten to be a part of going on hospital visits and actually getting to interact and spend time with pediatric cancer patients. This is something that has impacted me the most about our organization. Yes, we host events to support them, we promote our mission, and we spread the word, but actually going and spending time with a kid who’s going through more than I ever will, really made me see the big picture of things…it’s such an incredible thing to see our hard work pay off for those kiddos.” When asked about her favorite part of being a member, events chairman Lexie Kinloch stated, “My favorite memory of LYM has been the amazing opportunity I got to experience visiting children in St. Louis Children’s Hospital and handing out beanies. We got to play with the kids and while we were the ones wearing capes, we reminded them that they’re the true heroes. I will forever be thankful for that day because although the trip was for the kids, I feel as though it made me a better person and most definitely made my day. LYM gives you the chance to make a difference. Those kids wear invisible capes every day. They’re stronger than they should have to be yet still put on the best smiles.”

Love Your Melon is an important organization that showcases the ability of Missouri S&T students to make a lasting impact outside of the classroom.


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