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Making the Most of Fall in Rolla

Everyone knows that with the start of October comes relief from the heat and a frenzy of excitement for things such as Halloween, chilly weather, and sweaters. Beyond the autumn season itself being an exciting time, it is also associated with many activities specific to this time of year. When thinking of fall, thoughts of leaves, aesthetic photos, and the term “spooky season” come to mind. These associations are all great fun, but as the semester drags on, it can be beneficial to find ways to get out and about to enjoy all that fall has to offer. Living in a college town, especially one unique as Rolla, it may seem difficult to find events to make the most of the season. However, there are more local occasions available than one may assume.

One event that many students are familiar with is the haunted mine. Every year, Missouri S&T’s mining engineering students set up a haunted house inside their mine. One of these engineering students, Ryan Sibley, mentioned that one of the greatest aspects of this event is “the camaraderie between everyone involved with the haunted mine...many of us spend upwards of one hundred hours working out there; we want to put on the best haunted house we can...this year we are pulling out all of our best props and tricks and it should be one of our best ones yet.” They sell tickets to the general public and to students for a discounted price. Thrill seekers can also donate up to three canned goods, each for a dollar off admission. The haunted mine will be open this weekend on Friday and Saturday from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. and will remain open next weekend on the 25th and 26th as well as on Halloween night.

Another popular fall spot that many people like to go to is Pete’s Pumpkin Patch located off of Highway 63. Each year, this pumpkin patch opens toward the end of September and is open every Saturday and Sunday for the rest of October. Admission is only eight dollars per person and as if having access to a field filled with aesthetically pleasing pumpkins is not enough, it also includes more fun activities. At Pete’s, visitors can challenge themselves and take a trip through their corn maze. Like any great pumpkin patch, they also offer hay wagon rides out to the pumpkins, and for even more enjoyment, guests are welcomed to pet cute animals such as goats, rabbits, and a miniature horse. If for some reason the animals are not enough to pique one’s interest, they also have the infamous big orange chair, and as always, they sell pumpkins by the pound for those looking to score a potential jack-o’-lantern. Dania Isidro, a Junior at Missouri S&T, stated that her favorite part of Pete’s is “going on the hayride to see the pumpkins and how the Instagram opportunities are endless; I love getting to take pictures with my sisters.”

Another distinct event happening this Fall season is the Harvest Festival. This celebration is one not to miss, and it is happening this Saturday October 19th in The Gardens at St. James, hosted by Public House Brewing Company. From 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., they will be featuring live music, games, great food and drinks, and plenty more. It is a great way to get off campus and immerse yourself into all fall has to offer while here in Rolla.


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