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End of Semester Motivation

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Coming back to school for just a few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas makes the end of the semester feel like a bit of a tease. Staying motivated through a week of classes, a week of who knows what, and a week of finals is arguably the hardest part of the year. Regaining the momentum and motivation that you had before Thanksgiving break can be difficult, but with a few simple tips it does not have to be impossible.

Sometimes it comes down to doing something new and shaking up your routine.

Part of the reason why it is so difficult to start back up after a break is that you dread returning to the same old routine. Adding something new can help with freshening up your day. Who knows, you may find something you like as well. You could also try something as simple as taking a different route to class to see a different part of campus and a different stream of people, or you could do something entirely different like joining a new club that does something you find remotely interesting. The most important thing is to convince yourself that this is not the same old routine in order to overcome some of the monotony that keeps your motivation for your work low.

Reward yourself for doing your work.

Once you get over the hump of actually starting your work, you should reinforce that positive behavior by rewarding yourself. An advantage of using a customized reward system is that you will know what kind of reward is best for you, whether it is an intermittent break for a snack, or going for a walk when the assignment is done. Do something that will motivate you to keep going. After awhile, you may not even need the reward and find that you are capable of doing your work just fine without it. Knowing what motivates you is the key here, but that is not always such an easy thing to know.

Take a moment to reflect.

If you are still struggling to find motivation in your coursework, even after breaking up the monotony and trying to reward yourself, it may be time to reflect on some of your decisions. Can you be motivated in the field of study you have chosen? What is your goal in coming to college, and after that, then what? You may find that you do not like the things you thought you did. It is easy to forget to listen to yourself when so many other sources are trying to tell you what you want for yourself and what you should be doing. Figuring this out now can save a lot of trouble that would have come up later on if you were to continue as you were.

Hopefully, you will find your footing again before the end of the semester; seriously, your finals depend on it. Take these things into consideration and if you do not need them now, you can at least have the beginning of an idea of how to cope with situations in the future. The next few weeks are going to be tough for everyone so do not be afraid to talk to other people, they are probably just as miserable and done with this year as you are. Just make sure to let them get some complaining in too, if you expect to talk to them ever again anyway.


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