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Top Netflix Picks for the Holidays

Mahati Ganji

Christmas is right around the corner people! For the coming festive season of the year, Netflix brings the best holiday movies and TV shows for its viewers. Wind up all your commitments, assignments and tests and get ready to sit down in your pajamas, covered in blankets and pillows with your favorite food to munch on this December. Tis’ the season... for Netflix binging.

To start off early this Thanksgiving weekend, Netflix brings us the revival of an old favorite: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. The new season contains four 90 minute episodes to binge-watch and were released on Black Friday. With the sale frenzy going on, the couch seems like a cozier place to be with the episodes of your show playing out like short movies. The original Gilmore Girls ended abruptly back in 2007 because of a contractual dispute, leaving fans disappointed and yearning for more. The new show’s modish dialogues, sing-along music, and strong relationship bonds were good enough reasons to watch the new Gilmore Girls release. To revisit their lives this holiday season and catch up with the show after 8 years, almost feels like an early Christmas gift. For this very reason, releasing it on Thanksgiving weekend seems like a clever move. The transition of the characters in the original series, especially Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter from 32 year old mom of a 16 year old teen to a 40 year old mom of a college graduate, and their relationship has always been the one of the best reasons to watch the Gilmore Girls. With the recent death of Lorelai’s father (in the show and real life), Richard Gilmore, all the characters’ emotions are heightened. The question is how Emily, Lorelai’s mother, is going to find her path forward without her husband of 40 years. This main story arc is what the revival brings for all the awaiting fans. The important question now is whether there are going to more episodes releasing this season or are all the fans going to be left hanging again? If Gilmore Girls is not so much your speed, you could try another show this weekend. Michael Che Matters is a stand-up comedy specials that manages to tackle tough topics like Black Lives Matter, police brutality, and Hitler in a comical way.

Netflix brings us all of our favorite Christmas and holiday shows and movies. Some of the more famous ones are Serendipity, Just Friends, Ernest Saves Christmas, While You Were Sleeping, Miracle on 34th Street, and the forever popular- Love Actually. Of course there is the ever classic, White Christmas, where one is taken back in time filled with full of dancing and singing, movies are not made quite like that anymore. Another movie to give a chance is Boyhood, which had 6 Oscar nominations and won one for Best Supporting Actress. It was filmed for 10 years to depict the childhood and adolescence of the actor, a novel idea that in itself is reason enough to watch. The Legend of Frosty the Snowman, Santa Buddies, Saving Santa and many Mickey Mouse hits are some movies lined up for the kids that can never go wrong.

Finding the time to watch all of them can be difficult, but it can be worth it to find a new favorite. Nevertheless, find the time, brew a pot of your favorite hot drink, and get ready to watch all these recommendations during the cold of this winter. Netflix has been adding movies and TV shows over the past few months to give us the best selection possible during Christmas, so get ready for a spellbound season of festivities.



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