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Toned Arms

Let’s get at it with two great arm workouts for your week! Often, we may forget to incorporate arm exercises into our workout routine, but these are crucial for weight loss and toning your body. Many women research how to lose their underarm fat, well while you cannot target any one area to zap fat away, it does help the process since you will be gaining muscle and toning that area. Working towards a goal should be your main focus, and any physical activity is just one more step there!

Arm Workout by @lisafiitt:

60 seconds rest between each set.

  1. Hammer Plate Curl: 3x12-15

  2. Single Arm Triceps Push Down: 4x10 each arm

  3. Cable Rope Hammer Curls: 3x15

  4. Wide Grip Triceps Push Down: 3x12

10 Minute Anywhere Arm Workout by @kayla_itsines:

  • Incline Push-up

  • Inchworm

  • Commando

  • Rest

  • Tricep Dip

  • Lay Down Push-up

  • X Plank

30 seconds each, 3 laps!

All you need for this workout is a chair, park bench, or bed, maybe even use your couch! If you’re sitting down right now, put your phone down and follow along with Kayla to her workout. No excuses because you can do this workout anywhere. Get going this week, better yourself, never settle for anything less.


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