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Tight Race To Premier League Finish

John DeStefano

For thirty years Liverpool has failed to capture the Premier League title. This year, the reds have managed to hold a seven-point lead going into the new year, which has historically been a good omen for future champions. However, starting the year with a loss to Manchester City, the race is on to see which one of these teams will be able to walk away with the victory. Manchester City and Liverpool have pulled away from the rest of the league and it’ll be a showdown until the end.

Liverpool has been steadily improving since Jurgen Klopp has taken over. Many transfers later and Klopp has managed to turn this team into one that has not only done well in the league but internationally as well. Most recently, the club finished second to Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League this past summer. One of Klopp’s most popular transfers has proven to be the pickup of Mohamed Salah from Roma. Since then, Salah has quickly found his place on the team and with 44 goals last season, he has shown what a powerhouse he can be. There’s more including Virgil Van Dijk, Allison, and Xherdan Shaqiri to name a few. There’s more to Klopp’s success at Anfield than just high-profile transfers. Jurgen Klopp has sold himself to fans as a no-nonsense coach when it comes to dealing with media and referee’s and demonstrated that he understands what it will take to keep Liverpool at the top of the table for the rest of the season. With such a small lead every point counts, and Klopp is doing everything he can to remain calm and keep the team humble, focused, and performing at the level they have been for the first part of the season.

However, if Liverpool want to win the league, they’ll need to make it out past Manchester City. At only 4 points behind and a larger goal differential than Liverpool, Manchester City is waiting in the wings to strike and win the league for themselves. The meeting between these two teams at one of the first games of the new year showed how closely matched these teams are to each other. And with both teams having almost perfect starts to their seasons, they’ll need to stay in perfect form until the end of the season if they truly want to take down Liverpool FC. With 15 games remaining and only four points separating the two teams, this will surely be an exciting finale to the Premier league season.

This season will not end quietly for the Premier League. Liverpool will be facing teams mostly outside the top eight rankings for the rest of the year, and it could be an upset in one of these games that changes who will win the league. No matter who wins soccer fans around the world are ready to watch these two giants finish up this season and watch it go out with a bang.


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