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EST. 1915

Thirsty Thursdays and Monday Margaritas

Another Thursday, another margarita, amiright? El Maguey has been the prime spot for many S&T students for many years, but do we really know what is going into each margarita? The staff at the Missouri Miner has done a little research for the general population of Missouri S&T students and facility. Before ordering my margarita on Thursday evening, I asked one of my favorite waitresses what actually goes into these famous margaritas. She informed me that all flavors, frozen or on the rocks are all made from the same ingredients. They first start with orange juice, your choice of available flavor of Mayson's margarita mix, a splash of water, and of course, tequila, topped off with either salt or sugar on the rip with a lime slice.

El Maguey doesn’t just have killer drink specials on Mondays and Thursdays, but every night of the week too. On Tuesdays they serve $2.50 12-ounce house wells made from amaretto, gin, vodka, rum, scotch or tequila. On Wednesdays they have buy one, get one free 12-ounce house margaritas, well drinks or draft beer. On Saturday any 12-ounce draft beer is only $1.99 or bump up to sixteen ounces for only $2.25. And best of all? All weekend long (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) any flavor of a 60-ounce full pitcher of margaritas is only $11.99, or if you’re feeling light, a Jumbo 27-ounce any flavored margarita is only $5.99.

Of course, I am aware of the drink specials, so of course the first Thursday back in town I went to El Maguey for dinner and drinks with some friends where immediately after we walked through the door we were taken back. Over the summer El Maguey did a little remodelling: adding tall arches throughout the dining room section and the cashier's counter, in addition to small upgrades to the restrooms. I asked Estela, a favorite waitress of mine, why the sudden change? She explained that several of the regular, long term, customers missed the old location and doing the remodel gave the booths a more private setting and cut down on the noise level in the restaurant, especially on busy nights like Thursdays.

Prior to their current location, El Maguey used to be located where Price Chopper stands today. In 2015, El Maguey moved to the current strip center after the Price Chopper was scheduled to be built. Many customers were fond of the previous location’s more cozy booths, so El Maguey’s management did what they do best and took care of their customer’s wants and remodelled their restaurant.

Now, El Maguey has some of the best margarita deals I have seen in the state, but what makes El Maguey stand far amongst the crowd isn’t their drink specials, but their daily food specials on top of their deals. (Double the deals). Like all college kids, we are all on a tight budget. Finding the best food and drink deals is what it is all about right? It is nice to know you can go out, have a nice tasty meal, a drink that gets the job done and a bill less than $12 bucks all at the same place. So next Thursday night, maybe I’ll see you at El Maguey too.



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