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The Blind Side

To continue on the November themed movie review, The Blind Side is wholesome, football loving, and family oriented film that everyone should sit down and watch with their own family and friends.

Before Michael Oher (played by Quinton Aaron) was an All-American college football star and an offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, he was a large, but loving young man attending a Christian school in Memphis with no roof over his head or family to support him.

In The Blind Side, he's soon befriended by S.J. and Collins Tuohy (Jae Head and Lily Collins), children of wealthy fast-food franchise owner Sean Tuohy (Tim Mcgraw) and his decorator wife Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock). Leigh Anne makes it her mission to remake Michael's life, inviting him into the Tuohys' home and, later, into the family itself. A real future for Michael appears on the horizon in the form of football, a sport for which his build and protective instincts seem perfectly suited. But first he needs to get his grades up -- and his head in the game. Leigh Anne and the entire family are right there by his side, supporting him through many challenges he comes across.

Memphis businesswoman and housewife, Leigh Anne Tuohy, gets what she wants in life through sheer force of will. Her children attend a ritzy private school where Michael discovers a passion for football. When the family finds out that higher-up college recruiters are looking into Michael’s talents, Leigh Anne focuses all of her considerable energy on giving the boy the kind of loving and stable environment he’s never had. Eventually, he grows close to Leigh Anne, her husband (Tim McGraw), teen daughter, Collins, and the outgoing, studious precocious young son, S.J. Michael works hard to get his grades high enough to play, develops skills as a left tackle, and starts getting letters of interest from big-time college programs. But problems arise when influences from Michael’s past come back into his life, and when the NCAA worries that the Tuohys might be unethically pushing Michael toward attending their alma mater. Despite this, the family truly does want what will make Michael the happiest.

The bonding of family is really shown when Michael gets into a car accident with young S.J sitting in the front seat. Luckily, S.J came out of the event without a scratch. Officers said it was a miracle that a boy of his size and age could even survive. When Leigh Anne arrived to the scene, she saw that Michael had a wound all around his arm. He explained to her that he stopped the air-bag from hitting S.J- essentially saving his life. Although Michale made a mistake, he was willing to do anything to protect his family. Later in the movie when Michael is struggling at his position during football practice, Leigh Anne marches on the field and explains to Michael that he is a defender at heart. She says “This team is your family. And you have to protect them — When you look at him think of SJ and how you'd never let anything or anyone hurt him.” Leigh Anne has effectively connected with Michael on a personal level. She can understand him in ways that will help on and off the field.

The Blind Side is decidedly square. Its uplifting message and qualities make it a feel-good piece of sappy inspiring film. But, it does have some persuasive things in its favor. First of all, it gets football right -- those who know nothing about the game will actually learn a little about what an offensive lineman does and how he does it. Secondly, it has a light touch, best exemplified in Tim McGraw’s charmingly laid-back performance as Sean Tuohy, a man unfazed and thoroughly charmed by his outspoken Type-A wife. The movie is perfect to watch after a large Thanksgiving dinner. It portrays all different kinds of personalities and challenges that many people can relate to.



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