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SUB Concert Volunteers Wanted

When COVID-19 changed the world as we knew it over a year ago, people were faced with nothing but constant changes and adjustments. Like everyone else in the world, the campus of Missouri University of Science and Technology experienced the effects of the pandemic strongly. Throughout this time, the Miner community constantly found itself adjusting from classes being strictly online to hybrid classes and online organizations. Finally, the members of our university find themselves back to in-person classes. Along with these in-person classes, there is now a rise in in-person student activities. This is an exciting time, considering student organizations and their events are an important aspect of the college lifestyle.

One of these student organizations that students will most likely be thrilled to see a return from is the Student Union Board, better known as SUB. The Student Union Board here at Missouri University of Science and Technology is often recognized for its efforts to host entertaining events for all students and faculty throughout each semester. Students might recognize the organization’s name from posters around campus that advertise comedy shows, concerts, movie watch parties, trivia nights, and so much more. Because our campus is opening back up, the student union board seems to be planning many of these in-person events that have been missed during COVID-19 restrictions. However, with more of these activities comes the need for more help planning, organizing, and executing these long-awaited events.

That being said, the Student Union Board is currently looking for volunteers to help with an outdoor concert that the organization is planning. SUB has the concert scheduled for Saturday, September 18th. They are looking for S&T students to help with security for the concert as well as set up in general. Not only is this an important volunteer opportunity for students to help contribute to their community, but the student union board is also offering incentives to those who sign up. Students that volunteer will receive free pizza and a t-shirt from the organization. The organization is also willing to sign off on service hours for those who may need them, and best of all, volunteers will automatically be entered into a drawing to meet the concert’s artists which are currently to be announced. However, it might be of interest to some that in past concerts, the Student Union Board has been able to bring artists including Lil Dicky, Amine, and Bryce Vine to the Missouri S&T campus.

There are many different ways that those interested can sign up and offer their help. Volunteers can quickly sign up by simply accessing the organization’s google form and answering a few questions including “What position would you like to help with?” as well as providing information such as your shirt size. For those with Instagram, there is a link to the google form in the “sandtsub” bio. Those who prefer Facebook can find the link to the form posted on the Student Union Board – Missouri S&T page. The link can also be found through Missouri S&T’s eConnection website, or it can be obtained by emailing the Concerts Director Joseph Weber Regardless of how students sign up, it is important to help an organization like SUB, so it can continue providing free events to enhance the Miner experience.


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