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Student Union Board Spotlight

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

SUB or the Student Union Board is a prevalent organization on S&T’s campus, especially now that campus is opening back up to in-person classes and events. They are mostly known for the large concerts they put on every semester and giveaways. The Student Union Board’s website ( states “Our mission is simple: provide the students of Missouri S&T fun and exciting events. Every member of SUB has a passion and skill set for putting on the best and biggest events possible. We have decades of hands-on experience driving our actions along with historic records covering even more time. Our goal to serve the students and their needs is what drives us and pushes us to our creative limits.” In a stressful environment such as pursuing an education at a challenging university such as Missouri S&T, it is important for students to put their mental well-being first and enjoy themselves in an ever changing environment. The opportunities that the Student Union Board presents to the student body is a key part in creating a fun and welcoming environment on our campus.

The great thing about the Student Union Board is that their employees are made up of Missouri S&T students and are overseen by university administrators, so rather than university administrators planning events for the students of Missouri S&T, it is our own peers planning and executing events that are more suitable to our desires. It is important to consider that the large-scale events that the Student Union Board puts on are costly to students and the university, and the funding for these events comes directly from every Missouri S&T student's tuition, which at the time of attendance makes the events free of cost to the student body.

This past Thursday (September 2nd) at 8:30pm, they were showing the Jack Black film “School of Rock” on Havener lawn with snacks and drinks provided, as well as a raffle for prizes for students to participate in. They are also creating online versions for their events to be accessed by the student body if they are unable to attend in-person or are uncomfortable with large in-person events. The Zoom links for their events can be found at their website ( SUB puts on events such as this multiple times a semester, all free of cost to Missouri S&T students.

The Student Union Board has the interests of Missouri S&T students as their main concern and as a group puts in significant time and effort into planning events that will be enjoyable for the student body. While new students might not be completely aware of the Student Union Board, they are a prevalent presence on our campus and are a great way to stay engaged and take mental breaks from the grueling work of being an S&T student. They have tackled the transition to online events very smoothly and continue to offer blended events for students to partake in. A full list of upcoming events the Student Union Board has planned can be located at their website or social media pages.


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