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EST. 1915

Student Council Has Their Last General Body Meeting of the Semester

The Missouri S&T Student Council meeting started the way it always does, with a laugh from the president and the typical “Do your Clickers Work?” question. After this, the meeting quickly started. They began by approving the minutes, and then they approved the agenda. Finally, they kicked off their final meeting of the semester with officer reports.

During the Presidents officer report, he updated the council on his future endeavors . He is always busy, but some of the most notable items on his report were officer evaluations, updating the student council constitution/bylaws over winter break, and reviewing the add/drop policy. He will be conducting officer evaluations in the next few weeks. The Constitution and Student Council Bylaws will have revisions done during break, and then in the first couple of spring meetings the revisions will be introduced to the council. He is also looking at reviewing the add/drop policy, so the school can hopefully make some changes that benefit the professors and the students.

The Advisor gave a big report, as well. Most of his report was discussion over the new application engage. The engage system is new to Student Council, and there have been a couple issues with implementation. However, the advisor is hopeful to smooth out these issues and make engage a big part of this campus. He also discussed some upcoming events for the rest of the semester and the spring semester. The MLK Day service will be Monday January 20th and the governor is hosting a leadership program February 14-15. There will also be a Christmas event during dead week, so everyone should keep their eyes peeled for these exciting events.

Among the other officers and committees were some important reports as well. The treasurer talked about Donuts and Coffee in the library for Finals. The Recreation and Leadership member of the month was Jason Boes. Campus Facilities announced parking ticket amnesty day, which will be Thursday the 21st. If you bring a can of food during this day your ticket will only be $5. The Community Liaison reported that the Rolla Use Tax passed. This tax puts a 2.25% tax on cumulative internet purchases over $2000. The Academic Resources committee announced that Final Late Night Snacks will be held December 5-9. The St. Pats board reported that there would be stone work done on the Puck and Panhel announced their Pumpkin Smashing Fundraiser that is being held this week. Reports finished with SUB, who announced Relaxation Day on December 2nd in the Havener Atrium.

Student Council then moved into Old and New Business. The SAFB DSF were approved by acclamation. The the Election Procedure Committee nominated a new member and the group was approved. This group will oversee referendums and elections. The four lucky people nominated for this position are Zachary Miller, Jason Boes, Patrick Clarkston, and Evan Clark. During New Business, the SAFB, DSF, and EFC chair were all chosen and approved by acclamation.

Student Council then had a discussion to make the e-connection more friendly. The e-connection sends out emails twice a week with announcements and upcoming events. The issue is the emails are cram packed with announcements, which are long and boring, and the upcoming events are all the way at the bottom. The events are being overlooked, so attendance is down at every event. The Student Council gave several recommendations, such as putting events at the top or making one email a week about events and one email a week about announcements. Student Council loved the feedback and will hopefully find a solution to the problem.

Members of the Missouri S&T Rugby Team

Student Council ended their meeting with “Say Anything”, Announcements, and some Events. “Say Anything” is where students can report issues on campus, such as street lights being out. The Announcements and Events allowed members of student council to share their organizations events and exciting news.The most notable of these announcements was the Rugby Teams recent victories. They will be competing in the National Tournament because of their success during this season. Finally, student council moved to close. Their next General Body meeting will be during the spring semester.


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