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Student Council Chooses St. Pats Queen and Knight

As usual, it was an eventful night for Missouri S&T’s Student Council. The meeting was kicked off with officer announcements, and then a course evaluation discussion. The discussion was led by a faculty member of CET, which is the Center For Advancing Faculty Excellence. Then, student council nominated members to represent them for St. Patrick's Day and voted on their Queen and Knight. They also nominated members for the Election Procedure Committee. Next, they discussed recommendations from SAFB to DSF and voted on Campus Events Funding. Finally, they closed the meeting with “Say Anything” and announcements.

CET led an important discussion with members of Student Council about overall course improvement. The faculty member took opinions and critiques of the courses and the way they are taught at Missouri Science and Technology. A lot of the discussion was centered around the way the professors/instructors interact with students. Many students expressed the want to be treated like an adult. They also wanted clear guidelines from their teachers. These included clear grade expectations, learning expectations, and overall expectations for the course. Many students expressed their desire for access to resources. They wanted the notes or lectures uploaded to Canvas for reference when studying. They also talked to CET about having a mid-semester course evaluation because having multiple evaluations would be more accurate. The semester is long and they would be able to get more accurate data if they did a mid-semester evaluation and end of course evaluation. Last but not least, students wanted teachers to be more timely about grading. This would give students an accurate representation of their grade and allow them to decide if it is necessary to drop or if they needed to increase their study time in the class or change the way they study for the course.

Student Council then moved onto nominating and voting on their St. Patricks Queen and Knight. They started with nominations of Queen and any member could be nominated or nominate someone. After nominations, they gave each person nominated a chance to talk to the council. They had a couple minutes to talk about themselves and why they were the best choice for St.Pats Queen, and then the members of the council asked them questions. After this, the council discussed each member. The St. Pats representative for student council urged members to vote on someone who has done the most for Student Council and who will represent their group the best. The council then voted. Delaney Simmons will be representing Student Council as their Queen during St.Pats. Next, they went through the same process for choosing a Knight. Student Council chose Kurt Schueddig as their Knight. This is an extra special experience for Kurt because he was previously on the St. Pats board.

The next order of business was nominating members for the Election Procedure Committee. The purpose of this committee is to oversee the campaigns of candidates and the election. They oversee disputes, campaign finance, etc. Four members were nominated. These members were Zachary Miller, Kate Hoynacki, Jason Boes, and Patrick Clarkston.

The last thing Student Council did before “Say Anything” and Announcements was discuss SAFB’s recommended budget for DSF. This discussion was tabled and will be voted on next meeting. They also voted to approve funding for two campus events. Student Council approved funding for the Tarzan production put on by the Ballet and Dance Club. They also approved ACM’s MinerLAN Event.

CET Faculty Member Leads Course Evaluation Discussion

The meeting was concluded with “Say Anything” and Announcements. The next student council General Body meeting will be November 19, 2019.


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