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STUCO Works With Library For Improvements

A Student Council Meeting Consists of several parts. At the beginning of each meeting, officers give their reports. This is basically the items they have been working on, what they have accomplished, and the things that are coming up for them. After that they move onto Old Business, if there is any. Then they go into New Business for the meeting. Finally, they close with announcements and a “say anything” portion.

This week, the officers had a lot to report on. The President discussed the upcoming logo meeting, the new graduate student committee, and schedule planner. The most exciting report being that the schedule planner is up. Another exciting report has to do with COER and the next career fair. After several people showed their negative feelings towards removing the red dot, they have decided to add something that will be similar to the red dot. They are also switching the map back to numerical and bringing in more HR related businesses.

During the meeting, they checked member engagement. This was to see how many organizations value STUCO and how STUCO can be more help. They asked members in attendance questions such as “Did you volunteer to represent your organization or were you elected?” and “Would you attend STUCO meetings if STUCO did not provide funding?”. STUCO was able to get useful data out of the poll.

In this week's New Business, the new Dean of the Library had a discussion about what students liked about the library and where it could improve on. Students discussed the twenty-four hour access, fantastic staff, the floor sound level variations, and items students have access to as positives in the library. Students said they wished they had more non-traditional study spaces and white boards, a self-checkout option for books, and another entrance on the back of the library. These were just a few of the things STUCO members and students of S&T discussed about the library. Student Council looks forward to working with the Dean of the Library to improve student life.

They also discussed the Student Activity Fee during New Business. This is a fee charged to all students and it is $500. There are essentially three categories to this fee. One where STUCO has a lot of input on, such as budget of clubs, one where they have no say, such as athletics, and a grey area, such as COER and student health. There will be a DSF forum where STUCO will discuss the grey area money on October 16th at 5pm.

Student Council also voted on New Members to SAFB. Two members, Garret Jenson and Alexander Foutch were approved by acclamation. They also voted on a new Campus Events budget, and this also passed.

The Upcoming Events for STUCO are the DSF Open Forum, the Academic and Advising Forum, and Parking Brainstorming. Student Council recently created a calendar, so all of their events can be found on their webpage. These events, plus more upcoming events and meetings can be found on the webpage.

The meeting was concluded with “Say Anything”, which allows students to say anything related to campus events. This can be any concern on campus, such as things that need fixed or ideas for the future. They also had announcements about upcoming events on campus.


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