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STUCO Passes Budgets

This week Student Council passed their budget for student organizations. These organizations include club sports, design teams, professional societies, clubs, etc. At the beginning of the year, student council is given a sum of money to allocate to the other organizations. Then, each organization submits a budget for the year and requests a certain amount of money. Once each group submits a budget, student council creates a master budget and awards each organization a sum of money.

Clubs and organizations from all over campus came to support their organization and hear what amount of money they would be receiving, and if necessary, they would advocate for their group. There was a lot of discussion over the budget, as well as explanations for why some groups got more money. During this discussion, the president stated, “every organization matters.”

Student Council did the best with what they had and tried to make every group happy, but because of the Student Council Code, not every group got what they had requested. For example, Student Council cannot fund promotional materials for an organization on campus. Another guideline they have is that new organizations can request 100% funding. These are only a few guidelines that student council has to consider when allocating the money. They also have to determine whether they can fund the budget based on descriptions given by the club, so it is extremely important that groups give a detailed account of how the money will be used. If a vague description is given, it is likely that they will not get the funding they asked for.

After all of the budget discussion, Student Council heard complaints and important announcements from the people in attendance. Some of the main complaints from the people in attendance were bike use on campus, COER taking away the red dots, and maintenance requests on campus. The announcements for the week were ZTA pink week events, COER surveys, human vs. zombies events, and the celebration of nations event.

Because approving the agenda took up a majority of the meeting, a lot of the meeting was issued in paper minutes. If you ever wanted to see what was discussed at Student Council meetings or what STUCO is doing, their minutes and agendas can be accessed on their website. You can find out what campus events are going on and what Student Council is working towards this semester within the minutes.

On their website you can also find when the next General Assembly meeting is being held. If you have any concerns, questions, or announcements for Student Council, you can contact STUCO via their website or attend a General Assembly meeting.


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