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Staying Active in Rolla

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Staying Active in Rolla

Many people tend to confuse the topic of exercising every day. When people say they want to be active and exercise every day, they often are judged and criticized for this. However, when someone says they want to exercise every day, they do not mean train every day. Exercising and training mean two separate things and here’s why. When someone performs a HIIT workout, LISS program, lifting session, or anything that revolves around resistance, increasing your heart weight, and working to break down your muscle groups, this involves training; now, when people are simply staying active, going for a hike, taking your dog for a walk, cleaning the house, or doing something without maximum effort, they are exercising. It is in fact good to take a break from training so that your muscles can take a break and you don’t get muscle fatigue. However, exercising should be a daily occurrence to simply get you moving and stay active. Below are two listings: a training session and places to stay active near Rolla. 

Train with @kayla_itsines :

40-20 second intervals, 4-5 rounds

  1. Jumping Pulse Lunge to Jumping Pulse Squat 

  2.  Plank, Knee to Side Crunch to Push-Up

  3. Russian Twist

  4. V-Ups

  5. Plank Jumping Jacks to Knee Tuck

Places To Be:

  • Parks and Trails: Ber Juan Park, Rolla Lions Club Den and Park, St. Robert Skate Park, Meramec Spring Park, Onondaga Cave State Park, Ha Ha Tonka State Park

  • River Stops: Lay Z Day Canoes & Camping, Bass River Resort, Huzzah Valley Resort, Montauk State Park, Current River State Park, Jadwin Canoe Rental, Blue Springs Ranch

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Article by: Julia Meyr


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