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Shoulders with Danica

Pick up a set of dumbbells, step away for just 9 minutes, and learn some great moves to target your shoulders and arms.

  • Alternating Dumbbell Shoulder Press: Lock your arms at your 90 degree (shoulder height), pushing one arm up towards the ceiling, alternating as it comes back down to that 90. Your arms should never get a break, giving your deltoids a quick burn. Make sure your knees are soft, not letting them do the work for you.

  • Alternating Bent Arm Side Lateral Raise: Lock your arms at a 90 degree angle with a slight bend in the elbow and alternate one arm down as the other stays in the 90 degree position. Shoulders again will start feeling a burn.

  • Alternating Rear Delt Flyes: Work your rear deltoids by alternating right and left, bringing your arm up to about shoulder height position. Knees are soft and core is fully engaged the whole time which will protect your lower back.

  • Alternating Front Raises: Alternating right and left arm by bringing them straight up to shoulder height and bringing it back up. Additionally core stability is required for this move and should remain engaged the entire time.

  • Hammer Grip Shoulder Press Variation: Load up both of the weights from one side to the other. This move will create one arm to do more of the work by one being closer to your body than the other. Push them straight up over your head and bring them down to your other shoulder, but in control the whole time.

  • Dumbbell Crossover Punch: Keep both of your weights by your shoulders, load one weight up at a time and cross it over your body, punching the opposing side up at a diagonal.

  • Alternating Straight Arm Side Lateral Raise: Load up one of your arms and come up to your 90, locking your arms in one place and staying nice in control. By slowing things down, you’ll gain control and build muscle since you’ll be in a mode called time under tension.

  • Alternating Punches: Alternate your punches straight out, shoulder height. Keep your hips still and alternate arms straight forward and bring it back in. Slow things down if you need to or drop weight if it feels like your form is falling out of place.

  • Alternating Dumbbell Y Press: Alternate each arm, bringing it out to a diagonal and bring it back in. Identify a corner you can bring your punch to and aim for that corner before bringing it back in. Make sure your body stays still and your knees are remaining soft.

Perform each move for 60 seconds, moving directly into the next exercise. If you’re in a hurry, you can complete one round and go on with your day, or you can challenge yourself and complete as many rounds as you feel comfortable with. Take a minute rest in between rounds and aim for at least three rounds. For more great movements, follow @d.o.workout on Instagram.


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