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Shoulders Plus Push-Up Assist

Who loves a crazy shoulder workout, setting the baby boulders on fire? Follow this workout plan for targeting your shoulders and you’ll feel just that.

Shoulder Workout by @lisafiittworkouts:

  1. Lat Raise into Front Raise: 3x15 each

  2. Side Lateral Raise: 2xAMRAP

  3. Alternating Front Raises (neutral grip): 4x12 each arm

  4. Front Raises (palms facing down): 4x12

  5. Front Raises (palms facing up): 4x12

Now, let’s look at how to progress your push-ups. If anyone else is like me, push-ups are one of my least favorite workouts and that’s most likely because I’m not the greatest at them. So, let’s change that mindset into turning them into one of the favorite’s and start conquering them now.

Push Up Progression by @rachelok_fit:

  1. Incline Push Up

  2. Banded Push Up

  3. Kneeling Push Up

  4. 1+½ Push Up

  5. Push Up

Get started on these techniques. Share with a friend.


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