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EST. 1915

Partner Workout

Rise and Shine or Good Evening! Whatever time of the day this finds you, grab your partner and go hit this ab and leg workout with them! It’ll leave you burning and get you moving, no doubt. 

5 Rounds of 40-20 Second Intervals 

  1. Squat Jump to Squat Hold (alternate timing with your partner)

  2. Russian Twists (throw medicine ball to your partner after each twist)

  3. 180 Degree Squat Jumps

  4. Plank Claps 

*Follow @acta.wear for video explanations and more amazing workouts and deals. 

Now, why a partner workout? Partner workouts are simply a great way to push yourself and have some fun while doing it! No matter what level of fitness you're both on, the workout being completed can be executed at a personal level of push and determination while still making the other work harder than their own mental games would’ve allowed them to. Going deeper into this, seeing the capabilities of another and allowing them to push you above what you thought were your “limits” gives you an understanding of the areas of expertise and areas of improvement. Take this as an opportunity of self-evaluation of what you can personally do outside of your comfort zone to get better results, and then help the next person in line complete their goals as well. Like many say, you aren’t an expert at it until you can train the next person in line to be not just like you, but better than you. There’s no point in standing still and waiting for a change. Be the change you want to be, be not afraid of growing slowly, but afraid of standing still. 

Article by: Julia Meyr


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