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EST. 1915

O’Doggy’s Spices Up Hotdogs with Unconventional Toppings

O’Doggy’s is a respected name in Rolla. The original hot dog stand been able to expand into a small hot dog empire over the years, now boasting a walk in storefront with a patio, and the original roving cart which makes appearances at many local events.

O’Doggy’s is probably best enjoyed on a warm Spring or Fall day on their streetside patio. After the St. Patrick’s Day parade, people can be seen sitting on the curb enjoying their hotdogs alongside one of the biggest Rolla events.

As a hotdog shop, O’Doggy’s is left without much room to truly distinguish themselves as far as preparation goes. They advertise the use of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, which taste pretty much like any other hotdog. The lack of diversity as far as hotdogs go means that O’Doggy’s must distinguish themselves when it comes to toppings. Their main selling point is the number of unique toppings that they offer. Their menu features strange combinations such as the Mac O’ Dog or the Frito Pie Dog, and of course a selection of standard build your own toppings. In addition to the toppings on the menu, the store features a truly impressive selection of hot sauces to spice up a hotdog.

I personally have been to O’Doggy’s on multiple occasions, but never on a normal weekday. This is likely because their normal weekday hours end at three in the afternoon, making the shop impractical for dinner.

Because of my previous good experiences with O’Doggy’s I was expecting a great lunch when I walked there on a hot Tuesday afternoon. I had planned to order The Wrangler, a tasty dog topped with seasoned beef strips and beer cheese. My hopes were quickly dashed when I was informed that they were out of beer cheese. I was also informed that they were out of two other toppings, cutting the once varied menu down to a disappointing size.

Not wanting to settle for something boring, I opted for the Maui Dog, a hotdog topped with barbecue sauce, fresh pineapple, and shredded bacon. I also ordered O’Doggy’s fresh squeezed lemonade to try and make the heat outside more bearable. The lemonade was as simple and fresh as possible, only a lemon mixed with simple syrup and ice. Unfortunately their juicer failed to extract much juice from the lemon resulting in less of a lemonade and more of a lemon infused sugar water.

When I received my hotdog, I was impressed by the freshness of the pineapple. The hotdog itself was also fresh cooked and warm. The shredded bacon and barbeque sauce promised to bridge the gap between the unorthodox combination of meat and fruit. The bun was soft but unremarkable.

The first bite proved to be the perfect combination of sweet and savory, but the rest of the hotdog was overpowered by the sweetness of the pineapple and barbecue sauce. The blend would have benefitted from a larger hotdog, less pineapple, or a less sweet barbecue sauce.

Overall, O’Doggy’s is a great choice for lunch in Rolla, although their quality rests on the availability of their toppings. Where O’Doggy’s really shines is in their novel combinations and wurst specials.



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