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Missouri S&T vs. Mizzou

Missouri University of Science and Technology and Mizzou are two great schools in the same state, but which one is better? The two schools are within an hour and a half of each other, so neither school has a geographical advantage. Also, because of how close the two schools are, they have similar weather. Both schools typically have harsh winters with snow and ice; however, Missouri S&T has geothermal heated sidewalks, so during these times of harsh weather, students can still make it to class safely. The geothermal energy system at Missouri S and T also provides the cooling and heating of seventeen buildings on campus and the system saves over 1 million dollars annually. Mizzou doesn't have this system, and therefore cannot provide any of these services.

Missouri University of Science and Technology also offers programs that help students find jobs, Co-Ops, and internships. All of these programs at Missouri S and T contribute to the job placement rate of 95 percent. This is far above the average and far above Mizzou’s job placement rate of 85 percent. The career fair at Missouri S and T also offers over 300 different employers, while Mizzou’s career fair offers 200 different employers. There are programs, like Handshake and COER, that help Missouri S and T students through resume help/review, contacting employers, and preparing you for interviews. Mizzou has handshake, but their program doesn’t match up with Missouri S and T. These facts about employment are just another reason why Missouri S and T is better than Mizzou.

Missouri S and T and Mizzou have differing campus sizes. Mizzou’s campus is 31.28 miles squared and has 26,866 students enrolled. Missouri S and T’s campus is 284 acres and has only 8,884 students enrolled. However, because of the difference in size, professors are able to connect with students better at Missouri S and T. It is easier to get time with a professor when you only have 30-50 students in a class versus 100+ students in a class. The smaller campus also offers several chances for office hours or LEAD sessions, which are essentially the same as office hours.

Also, if you look at national rankings, Missouri S and T’s engineering program is ranked 3rd, while Mizzou is ranked at 95. Missouri S and T was also ranked number one for return on investment, while Mizzou was ranked at 268. These numbers speak for themselves.

Missouri S and T’s tuition is 8,376 dollars and Mizzou’s tuition is 12,094 dollars. Missouri S and T is 3,718 dollars cheaper than Mizzou. If you add that up, going to Missouri S and T would save approximately 14,872 dollars after 4 years in college. Now, many people could argue that because several students at Missouri S and T graduate in 5 years, that it will be more expensive. However, if you calculate in an extra year, students at Missouri S and T are still paying less to go to school.

Missouri S and T can stand up against big universities like Mizzou. It has better programs, its ranked better, and overall it has a lot more to offer. All of those things are good, but Missouri S and T is also cheaper. Missouri S and T offers a better education at a cheaper price, which makes it the better school of the two.


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