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Missouri S&T Food Pantry

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

For many people, being a college student can be one of the most thrilling and challenging experiences in one’s lifetime. It comes as no surprise to multiple students that the new sense of freedom that college life often offers also comes with a new sense of responsibility as well as expenses. When attempting to constantly pay for expenses such as rent, tuition, books, organization fees, and so on, it is understandable that many students find themselves experiencing financial stress and strain. Unfortunately, there are too many college students that find themselves struggling to support themselves. Food insecurity is something no student should have to face alone while also trying to focus on their education. Fortunately, the Missouri University of Science and Technology has offices such as the Student Diversity Initiatives (SDI) that have ways to aid students with challenges such as these.

The Missouri S&T Student Diversity Initiatives office offers a resource known as the Commuter’s Commodities Food Pantry. This agency partners with The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri to alleviate food insecurity for college students. The Commuter’s Commodities Food Pantry achieves this by offering food that will actually provide nutrition as well as hygiene products and cleaning supplies to those who find themselves needing this aid. The pantry is open every day from 8:00am to 4:00pm and in some cases, offers emergency services by contacting

For those who are familiar with the Commuter’s Commodities Pantry, there is a “Food and Supplies Request” form on SDI’s website that students can simply fill out and they will then receive further information regarding an appointment to pick up selected goods. For anyone who has not previously used the university’s food pantry and need this aid, the Student Diversity Initiatives website has another form labeled “Online Questionnaire” which is also simple to fill out. It asks for contact information, household information, and for a checked list of items the student would most likely use. After filling out this questionnaire, students will be contacted by email to set up an appointment with a specialist from the Commuter’s Commodities Pantry as well as to set up a time to pick up the provided goods.

It is also important to note that a program like this one is not only beneficial to our Missouri University of Science and Technology community, but it also requires that community’s assistance so that it can truly thrive. Members of the Missouri University of Science and Technology who find themselves not in need of this aid who are looking to make a difference and get involved in the community can do so through the generous act of donation. The organization asks for items that are unopened and non-perishable as well as certain household goods. Some of these items include canned vegetables, boxed meals, shampoo, dish soap, and toothpaste. A full list can be found on the SDI Commuter’s Commodities webpage.

The pantry has recently restocked, and Commuter’s Commodities encourages students that need this aid to fill out their forms so that they can keep track of which items they supply the most. If you are a student struggling with food insecurity, think about reaching out to Student Diversity Initiatives today. It is satisfying to see an office like SDI working to help its students and help alleviate some of the pressure brought on by college.


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