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MinerRama 2021

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

MinerRama is one of the largest organizational fairs that Missouri S&T hosts in the Fall. Last Fall, the fair was held online using engage and Zoom in order to protect the safety of their students and faculty and follow current COVID-19 restrictions. This year, with the vaccination rate at eighty five percent, the university allowed for the organizational fair to be put on in person on August 27th.

The fair went from 11am-2pm wrapping around the sidewalks surrounding the Puck, Toomey Hall, and the Library. Mask-wearing was encouraged heavily, but with the fair being outside social distancing was enforced which allowed students to decide on preference for mask wearing.

In previous years, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic hundreds of RSO’s (registered student organizations) would come to the fair to showcase their organizations to current freshmen that are new to their campus. Even with new regulations and safety precautions, this year was no different. Walking towards the Puck and through the center of campus, the tables were spread throughout the majority of campus and hundreds of organizations were able to reserve tables and participate in the fair for the student body and showcase the amazing things organizations on the campus can accomplish and offer to not only students but also the Rolla community.

At MinerRama students can find organizations to meet anything they need and want at the university. At Missouri S&T, there is an organization for just about any interests that students could have. MinerRama featured everything from Greek organizations, Christian and religious organizations, LGBTQ+ community, women in engineering, and on campus job opportunities. There were several organizations at MinerRama such as the Interfraternity Council (IFC) that governs over the fraternities at Missouri S&T and serves as a liaison between the campus and the fraternities. The St. Patrick’s Board was also at the event selling previous years sweatshirts and merchandise for fifty percent off. The organization also had a booth to educate students on what exactly the Board does for the big St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the Spring. Along with larger organizations (such as Lambda Chi Alpha, Zeta Tau Alpha, and KMNR) there were smaller organizations that do not have larger reputations on campus. Such as Lambda Sigma Pi, a small service organization local to Missouri S&T that does service within the local Rolla community and donates money from fundraisers into the Rolla community as well.

Even if students were unable to attend MinerRama this past Friday, organizations typically have flyers with QR codes and information about joining those organizations. And if students would like to attend a large organizational fair in the future like MinerRama, Spring O’Rama happens in the Spring semester and features a majority of the same organizations. MinerRama and Spring O’Rama are both amazing opportunities not only for getting involved on campus, but also to get more acclimated and involved in the Rolla community.

MinerRama is a good opportunity for students to get to know fellow students and find organizations for support systems while in college and make friends while obtaining their degree.


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