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Miner Advice - End Semester Stress


“Dear Josephine Miner,

As the semester is coming to an end, I am starting to stress out more and more. Any tips on how not to have a stressful last couple weeks of the semester?

Sincerely, Logan”


Dear Logan,

Many students are starting to feel the end semester stress starting to creep in. Missouri S&T has two and a half weeks before the end of the semester, and only one and a half weeks of class left. To combat the end of semester freak out, the first step is to get organized. Using whatever scheduling media, paper planner, google calendar, iPhone reminders, is preferred and make sure all end of semester assignments, projects, and tests are documented. This can save a student from forgetting an assignment in the craze of approaching finals. Next, make a list of what needs to be completed before the semester ends. While making the list it is important to prioritize. Prioritizing can be extremely hard to do sometimes, but here are some tips. First, identify any time sensitive tasks, along with any due dates and anticipated time to complete. This can help with prioritizing. Next determine what assignments will have a bigger impact on final grades. If it comes down to a homework assignment worth 2% of the overall grade or a project worth 40%, definitely focus on the project. When it comes to two big projects or exams in differing classes that need equal attention, the first step is to calculate an estimated overall grade for the courses. Focus on the class with the worst grade or the more borderline grade. If both classes are about equal grade-wise, then focus tasks/assignments that can lead to a better grade for a class. Hopefully some stress is relieved after updating your schedule and prioritizing end of semester tasks.

The next tip to combat the coming stress, is prioritize self-care. Remember to eat well and eat enough. Too many students start eating unhealthy and chugging highly caffeinated beverages during the final weeks of the semester. Do not underestimate the power of water and healthy eating. Take the time to cook a meal or try to find healthier options from faster choices. Another self-care tip is to get enough sleep. Testing and working on a project sleep deprived is less likely to lead to good scores. Along with this, take breaks. Taking a break is good for mental and physical health and many students are more productive after taking some time off from their students. It’s recommended that break spaces are different from study spaces, and to make sure the break space is actually relaxing. Along with break spaces, find a study space that is productive and helps with your focus. It’s important to understand individual strengths and weaknesses. Productive hours are different for everyone; some students are early birds others are night owls.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. As the anxiety of grades and the ending semester grows, it can become extremely overwhelming for many students. This feeling is common among students and it can cause them to feel alone and helpless. Professors and friends are there to help. Ask any and all questions to professors as soon as possible. They are almost always willing to help you with projects and assignments, or answer any questions about an upcoming exam. Good luck to all students these last few weeks of the semester. Readers in need of advice please email any questions to

Sincerely, Josephine Miner


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