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EST. 1915

March in Rolla, Missouri

Julia Ingram

With the St. Pat’s season right around the corner, students, faculty, and citizens of Rolla may notice a few things happening around the town. Most of the population will start wearing green St. Patrick’s day sweatshirts of some fashion. These sweatshirts are of all different styles from different years of production, dating back to 1965. The whole town really gets in the spirit of St. Patrick’s day. Throughout March, and even late February, local bars and restaurants will have drink and food deals on Friday nights for anyone wearing these sweatshirts.

More events will happen during the month of March on campus. Students will participate in the upcoming Snake Invasion to win rubber snake heads for their competing organization. After all the snakes are “killed” in the pits on campus, Follies begin the following week. Follies are holiday themed games and events students can compete in to win points for their organization. Follies take place the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before St. Patrick’s Day. Organizations will compete in several different events including the display of their oldest and most creatively altered St. Pat’s merchandise and racing to put on as many official St. Pats sweatshirts in one minute on one person. The Follies are highly entertaining for spectators, so be sure to come out March 11th through March 13th at the Puck on campus from 12 PM to 1 PM.

Students do more than just play games. They also give back to the community during Gonzo Gives Back. Gonzo Gives Back is a service opportunity that all students of Missouri S&T can sign up to do through OrgSync by March 8th. Gonzo Gives Back Day of Service, sponsored by Missouri S&T Student Involvement and the St. Pat’s Committee, and supported by Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council, works to provide service to Phelps County nonprofit organizations. Some of the nonprofit organizations this year are the Rolla Public Library, Meramec Hills Master Naturalists, and Newburg Children’s Museum. The service opportunity starts at 8 AM sharp and ends around noon. Afterwards, students can immediately jump back into participating in more games at the Gonzo and Games event.

Gonzo and Games is an outdoor “sporting” event taking place both Thursday, March 14th and Friday, March 15th. The event is located at Schuman Park from 12 PM to 6 PM and organizations will have the opportunity to compete in a hot dog eating contest, ultimate archery, a kickball tournament, a talent show, and many more fun events. If organizations are well-organized, they might even have a cudgel to show off and carry. Cudgels are essentially larger shillelaghs that are at least five feet tall and one foot in diameter, but that will be explained more in next week’s paper.

Until next week, be sure to be on the lookout for St. Pat’s Board alumni coming down to Rolla to relive their college days. They will be staying up the night before the St. Pat’s parade to paint the streets green in preparation for St. Patrick himself (or herself) to come ride along down the street in their chariot.


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