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Mahomes’ First Big Test

Ashton England

FOXBOROUGH – The New England Patriots edged out a win against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night in a thrilling shootout among two top tier quarterbacks. The Patriots, backed by Tom Brady, put up a solid first half, slowing down as the game clock wound down. The Chiefs led by rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes were a different story. Shut down for the first half of the game, Mahomes and the Chiefs staged a comeback to make it a close game until the end. Mahomes led the Chiefs in the fashion of a veteran quarterback, as he dealt with the adversity of the game and powered through. In what could be his biggest test of the season, the scoreboard does not accurately reflect how the Chiefs “won” that game.

Going into Sunday’s game, Mahomes had led the Chiefs to five straight wins both at home and on the road. In those five games, Mahomes had never experienced a large deficit to overcome to win, as the Chiefs had mostly led in all of their games thus far. The numbers reflect that of Drew Brees in his prime, with plentiful passing yards, and the touchdowns to match. The young quarterback had not been tested by any defense he had faced, only throwing two interceptions against the Jacksonville Jaguars. A team who before playing Kansas City, had the top ranked defense in the National Football League. Mahomes had been playing on his own level, unable to be stopped by team put against him. Every week the Chiefs were predicted to win under their young quarterback, until week six, when the Chiefs were set to go to Foxborough and play the New England Patriots.

The expectations for Mahomes and the Chiefs were high going into week six against Tom Brady. Early on in the game, Mahomes finally showed signs of his lack of experience in the league, as he through for two interceptions and no touchdowns in the first half. Down 24 to 9 going into the second half, things looked bleak for Mahomes. But, against all odds, the rookie found his poise, and began driving the Chiefs down the field. By the end of the third quarter, the Chiefs had put up 17 points to a Patriots’ three. Mahomes had put the Chiefs within one point of the team that had steamrolled them into halftime. His ability to adapt and continue to trust in the receivers, and most importantly remain calm, was astonishing. The Chiefs have found a diamond with their tenth pick last year, who is surpassing all expectations set for him. Dealing with adversity is one of the most difficult aspects for young quarterbacks, but Mahomes does not look like a rookie out on the football field. Holding his own against the New England Patriots, Mahomes and the Chiefs have no reason to hang their heads from their first loss of 2018.

At the beginning of the season, many predicted to see a 9-7 Kansas City team. A team predicted to retract from the progress they had made under Alex Smith. Under Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs have now found themselves sitting at 5 and 1 after six games. Passing the toughest tests prescribed for him so far, Mahomes has asserted himself as one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, not far behind Tom Brady.


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