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Lower Body Commit

Who else is in love with lower body workouts? In love may be a stretch… But, they usually leave you feeling a million times better once you power through a challenging leg day! There are so many variations of leg workouts, exercises, and movements. You can do complex movements like lunges with a 25 pound weight over your head, hiit movements like squat jumps, heavy weight lifting like deadlifts or squats - which yes, incorporate more than just all parts of your legs, but your back, core, and stability as well - or a number of exercises that can be done with just about any weight, including bodyweight at home. Since there’s an endless amount of opportunities and ways for you to have an effective leg day, let’s try this one this week. Melissa’s lower body commit will focus on traditional and functional strength training methods paired with cardio conditioning and balanced inside and outside the gym.

Lower Body Commit:

  1. Superset 3 Sets: Jefferson Split Squat (x8 each side) into Glute Bridge (x15). You’ll first target asymmetrical strength and muscle gains, requiring a lot of core integrity and stabilization; then go into a glute bridge which you’ll pause and squeeze that bum at the top, making sure to keep your shins closer to you and press your knees out as well.

  2. Superset 3 Sets: Kickstand RDL (x8-10 each side) into Goblet Reverse Lunge Hover Knee Drive (x10 each). Make sure to pause at the bottom.

  3. Triset 3 Sets: Toe Taps (x30 seconds) into Med Ball Plank Jump Ins (x10) into Med Ball Climbers (x30 seconds). Rest and then repeat.

For more workouts and to follow along with the video, follow @melissa_kendter.


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