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Low Impact Workout

Kayla Sines has created an amazing low impact program, also known as her no jumping program that is perfect for individuals with a wide range of fitness levels, including those who cannot perform all exercises due to strain on their body or injury prevention. Often we hear people complaining about their knees or back hurting, causing them to not want to perform physical activity, especially involving legs. Try the workout below and you’ll see a night and day difference! All you need are some dumbbells and a mat to try this at-home workout. These workouts are perfect if you’re returning from fitness after being sick or if you’ve had a long break in your fitness journey, or if you simply hate jumping!

Give this workout a go:

  • Standing X Crunch

  • Reverse Lunge

  • Frog Pump

  • Russian Twist

  • Plan Rotation

  • Hover

  • Flutters

  • Rest

  • SuperMan Hold

  • Bear Crawl

  • High Knees

  • Glute Bridge Hold

  • X Mountain Climber

  • Ab Bikes

2-4 Rounds, 30 seconds per exercise.

Follow @kayla_itsines for more amazing workouts suitable for anybody!


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