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Let's get them jobs: Spring Career Fair 2020

Campus was abuzz with student activity last week as the 2020 Spring Career Fair draws near, an event many students consider to be one of the most important - if not the most important - event of the year. For many years both the spring and fall Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) career fairs have been the envy of other schools in both student participation and the sheer amount of companies interested in hiring students. Previous career fairs have totaled over 330 companies during the fall and over 250 companies during the spring fair. Walking into a room of well over 200 potential employers can be an incredibly daunting task, for newcomers and career fair veterans alike.

In order to best prepare students Missouri S&T makes sure to provide as many resources as possible primarily through Career Opportunities and Employer Relations (COER) as well as through various professional societies. A complete list of COER’s events, from daily lectures to workshops, can be found on their website under “all events”. Two of COER’s career fair oriented events are the “Resume Blitz” and “Conquer the Career Fair”. The goal of these events is to provide the aspiring student-professional everything they need to know about utilizing every ressource to get the most from the career fair.

The title “Resume Blitz” speaks for itself. At this event COER staff start by going over general resume tips and pitfalls, then (and here's where the magic happens), students are given the opportunity to have COER staff review their resumes individually. The staff at COER are specifically trained and educated on how to make the best possible resume. The “Resume Blitz” offers an invaluable opportunity. Many student’s recommend the event, but if it’s not an option to attend at the designated time, then the COER office offers walk-in hours. Simply walk into the COER office located on the third floor of Norwood Hall and ask if someone can review your resume. More often than not, someone will be able to comb through and help to perfect it.

While it’s important to have a good resume it is also important to make sure to be prepared to attend the career fair. To look the part, COER offers students the Suit Closet where they offer free suits and professional dress donated from alumni. The Career Fair is a business formal affair, so professional dress is required.

Finally, COER also offers the Conquer the Career Fair lecture where students are walked through common questions and advice to best prepare for the career fair.

While attending COER lectures in person is recommended, sometimes students may be too busy to go. Here’s a very brief summary of the key points covered:

-Make sure all the information on your MST Handshake is accurate and up to date, and also make sure to register for the event on Handshake so staff know to make you a name card before you arrive. You must register twenty-four hours prior to arriving.

-Research is key. For every company you plan to hit make sure you know what the company does, why you want to work for them, and what you can offer them.

-Print more resumes than you think you need. Be prepared in case any get damaged or you are able to hit more companies than you thought.

-Have an introduction prepared and start and end your conversation with a firm handshake. Introduction should include your name, major, year, and graduation date. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.

-Finally, don’t forget to thank the employers for their time. By the time students arrive many of the employers have already been there a considerable amount of time.

For more information visit the COER office in Norwood Hall or online at

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