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Less Than 30 Minute Legs

We all have those days where time and motivation is a limiting factor. However, never settle, always set the bar higher, and achieve our goals, we need to make our priorities an everyday factor and that starts with bettering ourselves. One of the biggest struggles people have is motivation with staying active. A great way to stay engaged on the end goal is to have a plan, stick to the plan, and work on that plan one step at a time. Going into each day knowing what you’ll be working on, setting a timeline for yourself, and making it a reality is crucial to success. There’s never an easier way to start than just by starting. Start today, start for yourself.

Here’s a workout that can be completed in less than 30 minutes. So put down the excuses, and start.

Workout Method by @valentinalequeux:

  1. Squat to Deadlift: 5x15-12-10-8-10

  2. Giant Set:

    1. Side to Side Squats: 3x15

    2. Side Lunges: 3x15

    3. Walking Lunges: 3x40 steps each leg

Enjoy this one! Walk into the workout knowing the plan and following it. Set the distractions and excuses aside and conquer your goals.


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