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EST. 1915

Leg Variations

Why are variations good? When we change exercises in our routine or modify our moves, we create new stimuli which creates more progress over time. Our ultimate goal is to progress into the fitness level we want, the body we desire to have, and the health we need to achieve. Variations help improve towards our goal, plus reduce risk along the way. Because we’re gradually rotating our exercise/activity done, injury prevention will increase. So, what are some variations to try? The most common variations seen in the gym is associated with targeting our legs or lower body; so, here are some leg variations:

  1. Elevated Trap Bar Deadlift

  2. Eccentric Barbell Back Squat

  3. Single Leg Eccentric Leg Press with Pulse

  4. Tempo Barbell RDL

  5. Bulgarian Split Squat with Pulse

Variations done by @danyelewilson.

Danyele Wilson’s coaching tip:

“The best and most efficient way to improve strength, break through a plateau, address form/control issues, and intensify or progress a movement is to slow it down. Athletes have a tendency to rush to get through each rep and set, so my way of combating that is through programming the speed and having the athlete focus on slowing down the eccentric (or the muscle lengthening portion) of the movement. I’ll also add a pulse here and there to force the athlete to demonstrate a high level of control. Time under tension is a game changer. You cheat the timing, you’re only cheating yourself.”


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