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LEAD Learning Assistant Positions Available

When students decide to attend University, they often find the idea of pursuing a degree in an interesting area of study rather exciting. The thought of getting a degree and exploring a career that one is genuinely passionate about often opens up a sense of freedom satisfaction. However, it is no secret that the path to get to that long-awaited career is often filled with many obstacles and setbacks. The promise of a dream career often makes these obstacles seem worth it. Nonetheless, it is difficult to maintain that perspective when one is in the middle of facing said obstacles. One of the most notorious challenges that a college student will face is coursework itself. For many students, there is at least one subject or more that is so challenging it causes a student to wonder if they should change majors. While this might be an option for some students, others find themselves struggling with material that they need for their beloved degree. When a student finds themselves in this situation where they want to conquer a course they are struggling with, the best place to turn to is LEAD.

The Learning Enhancement Across Departments (LEAD) program has assistance for all students. They offer many group LEAD sessions for a variety of courses here on campus where students can ask questions and gain a better understanding of their course from students who have often already excelled in that specific class. The LEAD program also allows students to partake in peer-tutoring which can often be a helpful individualized approach. Regardless of what type of help a student is looking for, the LEAD program is often credited with helping many students that have attended the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

For those who find themselves in a position where they have exceptionally understood a certain course (or more) here at Missouri S&T, LEAD might just be a promising employment opportunity. There are many benefits to working for the LEAD program as a Missouri S&T student. This program allows for the opportunity to grow as a leader while also helping fellow students and gaining work experience. The Learning Enhancement Across Departments program now has positions open for those looking to become a Peer Learning Assistant. There are many opportunities to obtain a Peer Learning Assistant position. The LEAD program is looking for students can help other students in a variety of courses for this Fall semester including physics, math, chemistry, bio sciences, foreign languages, business, and numerous engineering courses to name a few. The position also offers a pay rate of ten dollars and thirty cents (minimum wage) per hour.

For any student that is interested in applying for this position, there are a few important requirements to note. The LEAD center asks that undergraduate applicants have a minimum grade point average of 3.6. The program also requires applicants to have received a grade letter of ‘A’ in whichever course the student is looking to assist in. This position is a great way for undergraduate students here at the Missouri University of Science and Technology to get to know fellow students and improve their leadership along with communication skills. If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, consider helping fellow students by applying today and contacting Jeff Winiarz at for more information.


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