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Kappa Delta's Shamrock Week

This past week, the Kappa Delta sorority hosted their first annual Shamrock Week to raise funds and awareness for Prevent Child Abuse America, one of their two philanthropies. Kappa Delta’s official philanthropies are the Girl Scouts of America and Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA). The funds they raised throughout the Shamrock Week were donated to their PCAA philanthropy. The PCAA charity supports 85,000 families each year by working to prevent child abuse before it occurs and promote the healthy development of children.

A particularly interesting aspect of Kappa Delta’s donation process to this philanthropy is that they donated twenty percent of their proceeds directly to Prevent Child Abuse America itself and the other eighty percent was donated to The Children's Advocacy Center of East Central Missouri, a local agency that also supports child abuse prevention.

In 2018, Kappa Delta held their main event, Mac N Cheese with the KDs, where they were able to raise two thousand dollars for Prevent Child Abuse America. From this successful fundraiser, they decided to expand this philanthropy event into an entire week of fundraising and awareness, resulting in Shamrock Week. Kappa Delta’s philanthropy chair Sarah Scherich explained that expanding the event, “gave us the opportunity to get the campus involved in our activities, which resulted in raising more funds and more awareness for PCAA.”

To kick off their first Shamrock week, Kappa Delta held a Panera Fundraising Night on Monday. Those who participated in the event were able to donate a percentage of their meal cost directly to Prevent Child Abuse America. Tuesday night, Kappa Delta was able to raise awareness for the week when they opened their doors to host an all-women’s dessert social in honor of International Women’s Friendship Month. On Wednesday, they held another successful event outside of Havener that they called “Pinwheels and Puppies.” This amazing awareness event allowed students to go pet puppies while members also encouraged people to learn about the importance of Kappa Delta’s philanthropy. From Thursday to Friday, the sorority held an intramural Wallyball tournament for twenty dollars per each four-member team. The money raised from this two-day event was also donated to PCAA.

On Saturday, the organization held their third annual Mac N Cheese with the Kaydees. Those who attended this notorious event were able to markup for seven-dollar tickets in advance or buy eight-dollar tickets at the door. These unique tickets were a bargain because they gave holders access to an all you can eat mac and cheese bar including toppings, a drink, a dessert, and a raffle ticket. A special aspect of this event is that one hundred percent of the proceeds from the ticket purchases was solely donated to Prevent Child Abuse America. Shamrock Week was an impactful philanthropy event that helped raise awareness and proceeds for an important organization and cause that will hopefully continue to grow annually.


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