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EST. 1915

Interstellar Review

Due to the emergence of a malicious bacteria, Earth is slowly dying. People cannot grow enough food, the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is gradually decreasing, and the world is gradually plunging into dust and ruin. In a situation like this, scientific research aimed at anything but humankind’s survival is considered unnecessary and gets banned. The main characters, Cooper (McConaughey), a former NASA pilot, and his daughter Murphy (Mackenzie Foy) live on a farm, struggling with dust and growing crops. Murphy is regularly witnessing strange things in her room: weird dust patterns, books falling out of a bookshelf on their own, clock hands acting unnatural. She tells Cooper about dust patterns; they discover that these are coded geographic coordinates. Following them, Cooper and Murphy find a secret NASA facility headed by Cooper’s former supervisor, professor John Brand. Brand tells Cooper about his plan to save Earth; he says that NASA discovered a wormhole near Saturn, which leads to another galaxy. In this galaxy, there are several planets humanity could colonize, thus saving itself from extinction. Three expeditions sent to the wormhole sent reports proving that at least one planet is suitable for life. Brand wants Cooper to participate in the expedition on Endurance spacecraft. This spacecraft will be carrying 5,000 embryos, and Brand hopes to colonize distant worlds and save humanity. The crew will consist of Cooper, two robots TARS and CASE, Dr. Amelia Brand, and two other specialists, Romilli and Doyle.

The planets Brand sent previous expeditions to are located on the event horizon of a gigantic black hole. Due to its enormous gravity, the time on these planets runs differently: one minute on the surface of a new world equals several years on Earth. Due to various misfortunes which I will not describe, the Endurance crew spends about 20 years exploring planets. Two of them are not suitable for life, despite the reports, and the ship does not have enough fuel to reach the third one. In order to reach it, Cooper offers a dangerous maneuver: using the black hole’s gravity, he hopes to give the Endurance enough velocity to get to it. The only setback is that Cooper and TARS have to jettison themselves off the Endurance, otherwise it will not be able to reach its destination. Cooper and TARS fall into the black hole. In it, Cooper finds himself in the fifth dimension, beyond the boundaries of space and time. He sees his little daughter Murphy in her room. Cooper is trapped. Desperate, he tries to call her, but she can’t hear him. He then realizes that he can affect matter across time with the help of gravity, so he leaves her messages in the dust. He suddenly realizes that it was him who was moving books in her room. He also realizes that the wormhole was opened by humanity in the future to help humans in the past. Cooper contacts Murphy (who is, in her time, a leading NASA physicist working on professor Brand’s equations), and with the help of her wrist watch, transfers her the data TARS collected in the black hole, and which she lacked in order to solve Brand’s equations. With them solved, humanity is able to invent gravitational propulsion engines for spaceships, thus making space colonization possible. In the end, Cooper meets Murphy, who is on her death bed.

Interstellar- going into distant and uncharted places. It is about almost reckless courage, self-denying dedication, and a desperate search for a better future. It is a movie about love and seeing all your hopes crumble. And in the second turn, Interstellar is about black holes, gravity, and crying Matthew McConaughey in space.



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