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International Students’ Day 2017

Mahati Ganji

Before the ever anticipated Annual Best Ever St. Pat’s, we brace ourselves for a spectacular campus event - International Students’ Day. International Student’s Day happens the week right before St. Pat’s! International Students’ Day (IS Day) is a student-organized, multi-cultural celebration of all the international diversity on campus and in the Rolla community. Every year, a crowd of about 300-400 people can be seen observing this celebration of culture and academia from over 65 different countries. International Students’ Day is meant to showcase the different countries of origin of pupils at S&T and their vivacious cultures. The organization to be credited for presenting this occasion is the International Students Club. It is one of many esteemed campus organizations and consists of student members from all over the world, providing a platform to indulge in an exchange of thoughts and culture. Incidentally, it is a chance for everyone to get involved and bridge the gap between people hailing from different countries and provinces.

Being an international student myself, I find it to be a great opportunity to observe, understand, and experience the diversity of our world. The International Affairs of S&T have always helped the international community to succeed with their contributions aimed at making our lives in Rolla much easier. With the current political climate in mind, many of us (international students) are concerned about our future in the United States and at S&T. On a brighter note, International Affairs at S&T has always embraced the multitude of nations that our students represent on campus and have actively taken measures to overcome and soothe any kind of panic. Upon my arrival to Rolla, it was challenging to find a supportive group of friends along with all the other hassles of getting accustomed to the new environment; however, my first semester in Rolla started off with the ever hyped event, Celebration of Nations, to ease some of my anxiety. Being exposed to the plethora of cultures that the event featured, I found myself fascinated with the vibrant celebration that reeked of unique ideas, arts, beliefs, 2wand accents shared among people from different countries. Every semester at S&T offers us (international students) at least one event that gives us an opportunity and also reminds us of our eclectic society. The event in this instance, as mentioned before, is International Student’s Day, which the International Students Club organizes to offer an exciting educational experience for the student body, representing every heritage and tradition, showcasing a variety of cultures in the form of performances, food, and fashion from different lands. This event brings different backgrounds together, eradicating adversity and promoting unity. There are multiple International Student organizations at S&T that band together to platform their existence and exhibit their unique cultures from around the world.

The International Students Club is pleased to announce that they will be hosting their annual International Students’ Day on Sunday, March 12, 2017. The celebration will be held in the Havener Center from 3PM to 9PM. There are three main parts that make up the event, the photobooth, the cultural show, and the cultural dinner. The photobooth session will allow student organizations to design a photobooth that best represents their student activities, home country, or culture. As the name suggests, the booth will also allow the attendees an opportunity to utilize those megapixels and capture some memorable moments with friends. The cultural show consists of performances by individuals or groups showcasing arts and beliefs as a reflection or tribute to their national background. The cultural dinner will include six to eight different dishes from around the world, spanning from Sri Lanka to Vietnam to Libya and more. The night will finally be concluded with an open dance floor, where everyone will have a chance to mix with others and put their dancing shoes to the test! Everyone is invited to be a guest at this celebration of culture and nationality, come with an open mind and an empty stomach.


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