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Intense Tire Workout

Who loves to change up their workout routine? It may be stepping outside versus the gym, going to a crossfit gym, trying aerobics, journeying to yoga, or completing a tire workout like the one I’m about to show you! Whatever it is, getting a change of scenery or stepping outside your comfort zone is an amazing way to test your body and take one step forward. Achieving your goals should be your ultimate focus, and here’s one way to help you set the bar higher for that.

Tire Workout by @valentinalequeux:

Method: Perform the exercises below as a circuit for 4 rounds.

  1. 1 min Tire Flips

  2. 20 reps Tire Rows Push Up Burpee

  3. 40 sec Side to Side Tire Slams

  4. 1 min Russian Twists

Don’t be afraid of getting a little dirty and sweaty under the sun! Stay active and enjoy your weekends trying different things! You might be surprised how much more you can enjoy the lifestyle when you open your mind to different styles of training.


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