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Hourglass Back and Bicep Workout

Creating a stronger image of yourself starts with challenging yourself outside your comfort zone. Everyone has different levels of fitness, from beginner to an athlete and from crossfit to powerlifting, everyone is comfortable with what they have been doing. However, we’re never going to better ourselves, continuously set the bar higher, and reach new goals without stepping outside our comfort zone and trying something new. Research what you’re going to work out, understand the muscles you’re engaging with, learn how to activate your mind and muscle connection, and progress in a new way to better yourself. Here’s a back and bicep workout for you to challenge yourself with.

Back and Bicep Workout:

  1. Pull-ups: 4x8-10

  2. BB Rows: 3x10

  3. DB Single Arm Row: 3x10

  4. Deadlifts: 4x10

  5. Cable Rows: 3x10

  6. Iso Hold Bicep Curls: 3x10

Workout done by @rachelok_fit.

Remember, to build that hourglass shape, you have to train and build your back! Hopefully that sparks some motivation.


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