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Have A Happy Arm Day

Who is bored of the same routines in and out of the gym? It’s always exciting when we learn some new moves, challenge our bodies, and push ourselves in a way we didn’t know we could before. No one can ever get better by repeating the same routine day after day, at one point or another we will need to change things up to progress in the direction we are destined to go. So, never settle but always continuously improve. Whether you love working out arms or hate them, try this effective arm workout in your next gym session and continue to strive to get better!

Arm Workout:

  • Single Arm Cable Curls x10-12 per arm

    • Superset with Tricep Extensions x10-12

  • Close Grip Barbell Curls x10

  • Tricep Push Down Machine x10

Complete 4 rounds per exercise listed above.

  • Wide Curls x10

    • Triset with Hammer Curls x10

      • Single Arm Kick Back x10 per arm

Complete 3 rounds of the above triset.

For more great workouts that target all different muscle groups, follow @gabsfit on Instagram.


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