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EST. 1915

Gearing up for St. Pat’s

Leslie Hamilton

As a freshman, St. Pat’s was a confusing time for me. Not only in the sense that I had no idea what was going on and the logistics, such as when and where, but also in that I had no idea what kind of preparation that I would individually have to do so that my 10 daze would flow seamlessly. Nonetheless, my first Annual Best Ever St. Pat’s was messy, disorderly - you name it - but, more than anything, it was a learning experience.

My first St. Pat’s taught me to prepare and plan ahead, as anything is possible during that time. It also taught me that FOMO (the fear of missing out) is at an all-time high during St. Pat’s, especially when the weather is beautiful. While FOMO is insufferable, it is also essential to prioritize your studies and know when to sacrifice some of your “play time,” if you will, in order to get the work that you need done completed. Being able to use that kind of self-restraint is very difficult; however, given the ill-timing of St. Pat’s, landing around the time of midterms, it is a must.. Lastly, my first Pat’s taught me to stay hydrated and religiously take Emergen-C to avoid the post Pat’s illness. All in all, enjoy your Pat’s and be safe.

For those who feel slightly out of the loop, or are as clueless as I was as a freshman, when it comes to the scheduled events for St. Pat’s, here is a skeleton outline of the events. The time and locations of these events are subject to change; however, updates will be posted on the St. Pat’s official webpage.

Monday, March 6 - Wednesday, March 8

9 AM-4 PM – Snake Invasion. Designated snake pits - look for fencing, Board reps and freshman desperately yelling their annuals - in the middle of the S&T campus.

Thursday, March 9

12-4 PM - Snake Head Count in the Meramec Room, located in the Havener Center

7:30 PM - Court Elections at an undisclosed location.

Saturday, March 11

6 PM – St. Patrick’s Grand Ball, which is sponsored by Coterie.

Monday, March 13 - Tuesday, March 14

12 PM – Follies, at the puck.

Wednesday, March 15

11:45 AM – Pine Street Court Procession starting at the south end of Pine Street.

12 PM – Court Arrival and Follies at the Rolla Downtown Bandshell. If you are not familiar it is located near the intersection of 9th and Oak street, next to the railroad tracks.

Thursday, March 16th

9 AM-12:30 PM - St. Pat’s Service Day, Gonzo Gives Back.

12-6 PM – Gonzo & Games on Havener Lawn.

Friday, March 17th

12-6 PM – Gonzo & Games on Havener Lawn.

2 PM – Cudgel Judging

6 PM – Honorary Knights Banquet in Havener Center.

9 PM – Coronation Ceremony in Leach Theatre of Castleman Hall, located between 10th and Main. Parking is available on the street or in the lots across and adjacent to Leach Theatre.

Saturday, March 18

6 AM – Street Painters’ Breakfast, which is a private event for the Board.

7 AM – Pine Street turns kelly green

8 AM - 4th Annual Best Ever St. Pat’s 5K, which is sponsored by the Rolla Chamber of Commerce.

9:30 AM - 1st Best Ever Beer Run, which is also sponsored by the Rolla Chamber of Commerce.

11 AM – St. Pat’s Parade down Pine Street through downtown Rolla.

12 PM - Grateful Board Concert located near the Downtown Bandshell. St. Pat’s award winners will be announced at the St. Pat’s concert.


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