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Below the Belt Burner

Let’s take a look at what Melissa Kendter has to say about this workout: “Exercise is about playing around with the way your body moves; you can challenge it in different planes, challenge your stability and make moves with your muscular endurance. Here are a few exercises to kick up your endorphins, improve the way you move and feel good anytime, anywhere!”

Below the Belt Burner:

4 exercises, 5 round Metcon to target thighs, glutes, core and more. Let’s go!

  1. 180 Jumps x 20

  2. Reverse Deficit Lunge x 10 each side

  3. Frog Pump x 20

  4. Side Plank ext Hold x 30 seconds each side

Follow along with @melissa_kendter for more workout plans.

Full Glute Day:

  1. Barbell Squats 3x10 heavy (or max)

  2. Dumbbell RDLs 4x10

  3. Barbell Hip Thrusts 4x10

  4. Step Ups 3x10

  5. Landmine Reverse Lunges 3x10

Hitting glutes following @daileylifts workout guide.

Keep getting at it because every day you are getting better! Even if you don’t see physical results just yet, your body will be thanking you later.


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