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Banded Lower Body Warmup + Brutal Leg Day

What’s the most common thing missed before people start their fitness routine? Warming up. Many people are guilty of this, but it’s one of the most important things to do. Warming up your muscles means that you will be reducing risk and becoming more engaged/deeper in mobility within your exercises. If your girl is to not hurt yourself in the long run, progress in your fitness development, and maybe even hit a PR (personal record), warming up is essential.

Let’s look at a banded leg day warmup - complete each exercise for 30 seconds.

  1. Toe Touch + Squat

  2. Band Squat

  3. Band Abduction

  4. Double Band Hip Thrust

  5. Abduction Tap

  6. Band Side Lunge

Warmup instructed by @caitlinraefitness.

Some people like to warm up with a quick HIIT, complete HIIT as their workout, or do a HIIT finisher. Try this one with your next leg day (don’t forget to set your interval timer).

  1. Touchdown Squat Jacks

  2. Jumping Lunges

  3. Skiers

  4. High Knees

Now onto the Leg Workout of the Day:

  1. Deadlift

  2. Hip Thrusts

  3. Deficit Sumo Squat superset with Calf Raises

  4. Seated Leg Curl

  5. Abductor Machine superset with Glute Ham Hypers

Share this with a friend and get ready to work! Remember, you can’t progress towards your goals if you’re not pushing yourself. So start now and keep going!


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