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EST. 1915

20th Anniversary of 9/11

Written by Anthony Allen

The 20th Anniversary of 9/11 occured over this past weekend and the flag poles around the country reflected the importance of this tragedy with half mast. Twenty years ago, the United States was attacked by 13 assailants in the group Al Qaeda who turned passenger planes into ``weapons of destruction. Two of the planes collided with both towers of the World Trade Center, one hit the side of the Pentagon, and the final plane which was destined for the White House but was overtaken by the passengers aboard and crashed in a field outside D.C. instead. This terrorist attack on American soil claimed the lives of 2,996 people and scores more suffered through injuries, both physical and mental. The first responders of that day, who helped thousands of people clear the area or tend to requests, deserve every right they request. The people of New York, who came together in a time of need, looking past race, religion, or sexual preference, showed what being a patriot and an American is truly about. The citizens of this country who took this opportunity to harass, assault, and even murder people of color for something they had nothing to do with do not deserve any respect.

This tragedy and the anniversary was taken very seriously by the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, as he visited all locations of the attacks accompanied by former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. All former first ladies were in attendance as well including Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the current first lady, Dr. Jill Biden. The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, were joined by former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush as they showed respects to the fallen Americans at the Pentagon. This bipartisan action is part of a movement towards better connection as the pullout of Afghanistan is currently underway. Ending the War on Terror is a popular opinion among the American populus and the people want to end pointless wars after 20 years. The people of America are working towards no more wars and invasions of other countries.


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