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2019 NFL Draft Signals Big Changes for Many Teams

Ashton England

Thursday night, 32 former college football phenoms were lucky enough to here their name called to join their new teams in the National Football League. To be drafted in the first round of the NFL draft is a huge deal, meaning that these players have exhibited high caliber playing skills and ability during their NCAA football years. Many people were anxiously waiting on the 2019 draft to begin in Nashville, Tennessee, as their teams had picks that could potentially alter their long-term future. The draft lived up to the hype, as history was made in just the first round.

With the first pick of the 2019 NFL draft, the Arizona Cardinals selected quarterback Kyler Murray out of Oklahoma. The star quarterback had a phenomenal year for Oklahoma, undoubtedly filling the void that Baker Mayfield had left just one short year ago. Murray’s number one overall pick made history, as Oklahoma becomes the first school to produce back to back first overall picks that also won the Heisman trophy that year. Another impressive piece of history made Thursday night was the 2019 draft was the first time ever that two different teams had three first round picks each. Both the New York Giants and the Oakland Raiders were able to make the most of the first round, taking six out of the 32 selections. Only time will tell if these pieces of draft history will become an integral piece of NFL history.

Also within the first round, teams made picks that will hopefully shape the future of their franchises. The Cardinals with Kyler Murray, but the Giants and Redskins as well. The Cardinals started Josh Rosen at quarterback in 2018, and he performed decent given the team that surrounded him on the field. The Cardinals refused to trade him to the New York Giants when they showed interest in him. Then, to draft Murray, the Cardinals are abandoning ship on Rosen. But, the New York Giants drafted former Duke quarterback Daniel Jones, who will inevitably replace Eli Manning eventually. So while the Cardinals and Giants likely found their solutions to the future, Josh Rosen has been dealt a new hand for the future of his career. It will be intriguing to see which teams go after Rosen to replace their current quarterbacks. Most notably though, the Washington Redskins drafted quarterback Dwayne Haskins from Ohio State University. After trading for Alex Smith before the 2018 season and signing him to a long-term deal, the Redskins seemingly had found their man. But, with a freak injury likely ending Smith’s career, the Redskins saw a need for a replacement that could be in for the long haul. Haskins adds life to an already talented offense that just needs a quality signal caller to get them over the hump. Washington fans should be excited for the future of their team under Haskins.

The NFL draft is a place where many young athletes get their call to what is the beginning of their chance to live out a life-long dream. Many teams take chances on players whom they believe will be a great fit for them. Although not all those picks work out, there will be some who prove themselves to be the future of their new teams’ success. The 2019 draft has been exciting so far, and it will be more exciting to see these young players hit the field in August.


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